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Website conversions are key to the success of any online business. But did you know that you can increase your conversion rates by using social proof? 


I'm sure you've seen social proof on your favorite websites such as WordPress, Amazon, Hubspot, etc. Screenshots of testimonials and comments from Facebook are a common way to display how great your company is. But what if you were to take it a step further...


What if there was a way to add a social proof widget to your website that allowed you to increase website conversions and up your social proof game? 


In this post, we'll give you 5+ ways that you can use social proof and social proof widgets in your marketing to help increase website conversions.

Social Proof - What is it?

Simply, it's where a person sees the actions of another person and acts in the same way because they believe those actions are correct. It's a psychological phenomenon that can be explained in more detail here.


Marketers use social proof to help potential customers make a decision. It's a tactic that's used to ease any worries they might have before buying a product or service.


A website not utilizing social proof runs the risk of leaving money on the table, particularly when studies show that 92% of online consumers read product reviews from independent parties BEFORE they make a purchase.


Product reviews are just one type of social proof, though.

The main types of social proof sources

When it comes to social proof, there are five main types. When you're getting started, it's easiest to start with what you already have and then optimize from there.


  1. The first is your customers. And this is the most important type. Social proof from an existing customer goes a long way to helping potential customers make a decision at buying time. Some examples can include testimonials, case studies, and product reviews.

  2. The next are industry experts. Getting social proof from a credible expert within your industry will help your visitors begin to trust your company more, especially if they are well known. Consider endorsements or product reviews.

  3. Another option would be celebrities or influencers. Social proof from a well-known personality or influencer goes a long way to building your social proof and reputation. A simple photo with your product or service shared on their social media platform works wonders.

  4. Large numbers work too. If you've had a number of people use your product or service, or they've signed up for a free trial or your newsletter, you can use this as a form of social proof on your website. For example, "1,000+ websites use the Random Review widget from Conversion Alert to get more customers."

  5. Relevant certifications. The use of a credible, third-party site that provides certification that your company is high-quality, knowledgable, or trustworthy helps build social proof too. This is relevant for industries such as those that offer organic products. Imagine having "USDA Certified Organic" on your website.


Now that you understand where different types of social proof can come from, let's look at some ways you can use these to increase website conversions.

5+ social proof ideas to increase website conversions

There are many ways that you can utilize social proof on your website. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a social proof widget. There are many widgets that you can use to assist you in easing the minds of your potential customers. 


Let's look at some ideas below, plus other ways you can utilize social proof to increase your website conversions.

#1: Live Site Stats

Imagine a new visitor lands on your website for the first time. What if one of the first things they saw was a real-time stat of the number of people who were currently on the same page as they were, or how many people were browsing the website right now.


A great tool that you can use to do this is Live Counter. It will show, in real-time, how many people are currently on your website. This helps build trust with new and returning visitors alike.

#2: Real-Time Conversions

A great way to increase social proof is to let prospective customers know that someone just purchased your product or service right as they are browsing your product or sales page.


Not only does it make them take notice that someone believes in your product, but it also triggers FOMO (fear of missing out). 


A great tool that you can use is a little pop-up called Latest Conversion. This can display whatever conversion you're looking to optimize for right at the time your customer is making a buying decision.

#3: Customer Reviews

One of the best social proof options is to showcase your customer reviews. What better way to build know, like, and trust than to show reviews from actual customers?


A social proof widget that can assist in your website conversions is the Random Review widget. It allows you to show a review from a previous customer right where you need it most... on the sales page or checkout page.

#4: Celebrity or Influencer Endorsements

If you're looking to increase your company's profile, an endorsement from a celebrity or well-known influencer can go a long way to increase your website conversions. 


Not only does it establish authority, but you can use these types of endorsements as social proof on your website. You can showcase them on product pages or create a whole page full of your customer testimonials and endorsements.


Large corporations like Coke and Pepsi use celebrities all the time.

#5: Media Mentions

Another great way to increase social proof is to utilize any media mentions you've had. If your company has been featured on a podcast or high-profile online site that your customers are familiar with, you can link to those on your own website.


This helps to establish authority and increases website conversions through social proof that your company is legitimate.


Customers are always looking for information to confirm that your company isn't a scam, so featuring media mentions prominently on your website is a great way to increase social proof.

#6: Increase Social Proof With Conversion Alert

At Conversion Alert, we're focused on helping our customers increase website conversions through the use of proof widgets.


With over 20 options to choose from, you'll be able to easily and effectively increase website conversions without having to add multiple plugins or hard-code your website.


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Last updated on: 16 September, 2021